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- November 12, 1998 -
Club Vaudeville, Lindau, Germany
** SOUNDBOARD DAT-master, MWM 0139 **
>> A sadly underrated band - with special guest JACK LOGAN on banjo - strange things happened <<
with samples

Preliminary remark 1:

This here is no reseed - or not really a reseed.

Our friend and fellow dimer "weizman" upped this show on January 13, 2008, and
his torrent has been removed from DIME on March 30, 2008 after 77 days on tracker...

Here is what he wrote, back then:

"lineage: SBD > DAT > CDR > EAC > DART > GetItOnCD > flac

This came to me in a trade spread over 3 CDRs. I manually removed lots of clicks
and pops using DART (Digital audio restauration tool), tried to find the right
song order (hope I got it) and smoothed some harsh edits between some songs. "


At Lindau there had been two tapers linked to the soundboard, a certain HP,
also known as "miseryman" on DIME, with his Tascam DA 20, and our friend BR
with my portable DAT-recorder Sony TCD-D8. And weizman's upload was from a
trade with HP, whereas my DAT was never traded - so far...


Preliminary remark 2:

Again this was a night with lots of music...

The first 'opening' act:
Unni Wilhelmsen Duo - November 12, 1998 - Club Vaudeville, Lindau, Germany
>> from Norway, opening for HAZELDINE, with KANSAS coversong <<

Unni Wilhelmsen Duo from Norway opened,
together with Espen Joergensen (g, voc)...
Unni is a stunning beauty and a gifted singer/songwriter,
check out her CDs she promoted on this tour:
To whom it may Concern (Mercury Rec1998)
Definitely me (Norway 1997)

The second 'opening' act:
Jack Logan & Bob Kimbell - November 12, 1998 - Club Vaudeville, Lindau, Germany
>> opening for and partially with HAZELDINE's rhythm section <<

Jack Logan & Bob Kimball
played together with some of the
Hazeldines songs from their release
Little Private (Parasol Records/Trocadero Rec. 1998)

if you're interested in a reseed, just drop me a line...or two...begging helps ;-)

Preliminary remark 3:

As far as i know NONE of this recording was ever used commercially.

This recording here comes directly from the "Men With Microphones" archive.
"MWM" started in the 70ies in South Germany with analog recording equipment,
and at least two of them are still recording sometimes (since the 90ies on DAT,
and, lazy as we are, since lately with small, handheld WAV-recorders on SD-cards).
The "MWM" startet as a project of friends sharing their hobbies together. But by
reason of jobs, partners and other interests the circle of all involved shrinked.

Now, more than ever, the world needs to hear the glory that was Hazeldine! Flung
forth upon our pleasant sphere in 1996, out of the wind and dust of Albuquerque,
New Mexico - the band grew rapidlly, gaining a solid foothold in Europe on the Glitter-
house label, and eventually signing to the major label Polydor. The released one
single, on the fabulous Cherry Smash label( Tarmac), then released their debut cd
"How Bees Fly" to much aclaim on the Glitterhouse label in 1997. After relentless touring,
they took time to record their major label record with the amazing Jim Scott producing -
the record titled "Digging You Up". Almost simultaneously they released the covers record
"Orphans", an amazing collection of group favorites! This record was released on Steve
Earl's e2 label in the U.S., and on Glitterhouse in Europe. After some personel changes
the band released their final disc "Double Back" on the Okra-Tone label. The various
members of Hazeldine went on to bands such as Tres Chicas, Nels Andrews, and Rough Shop.
The record "Digging You Up", very much ahead of its time, would fit perfectly in todays
pop country climate, any fan of Dixie Chicks would find plenty to sink their teeth
into with songs such as Drive, and Realize! Listen to Hazeldine.....All hail Hazeldine!


Hazeldine is American desert music. Calling the smoke-filled bars of Albuquerque,
New Mexico home, Hazeldine pull from their southern background and the southwest
landscape to create their unique sound. The band began playing together 3 years ago,
when Shawn and Tonya began sharing a house and singing country songs together in
their living room in downtown Albuquerque. Shawn had began singing with her dad,
an accomplished country guitar player, at the tender age of 10. Jeffrey and Tonya
had been writing songs and playing together since school days back in North Carolina,
and in Athens, Georgia, where they started an electric folk/country band, which,
at its best included Jeff Mangum of Neutral Milk Hotel on bass.
Jeffrey and Tonya also played shows with Mangum as NMH simultaneously, with Tonya
on bass and Jeff on drums. Tonya and Jeffrey's decision to move to Albuquerque proved
fertile when Shawn and Tonya realized that the special chemistry between them extended
beyond singing, and into songwriting. The threesome, with Jeff on drums, eventually
settled into a line-up with Anne Tkach, a classically trained percussionist and the
daughter of a harpsichord builder, on bass.
In the 3 years since their first electric gig, they have forged a path into the
burgeoning insurgent country movement. More insurgent than country, the Hazeldine
sound is a collective: bluegrass, classic rock, gospel, and punk each play into the mix.

Instrumentally, Hazeldine's members get the job done with formidable panache.
While they vary in experience behind their instruments (Jeffrey also played drums on
Vic Chestnutt's West Of Rome), they share that magical and elusive chemistry that makes
music come alive. The simple grandeur of Hazeldine's songs is matched only by the
band's delivery. This is a remarkable band whose music seems to flow naturally and
effortlessly. Telecaster sounds mingle with mournful melodies. Weeping semi-ballads
meet country-laced garage rockers. Sweet and sad, the songs of Hazeldine tell of
things broken or lost. And like the lonely New Mexican landscape, the voices of
Hazeldine draw you inside out. Advancing on the female harmonies, the guitars up
the stakes with a distorted howl. They are a band that breathes high desert wind
underneath the lilting harmonies of Shawn Barton and Tonya Lamm. Transfixing and
intense, their dark, wine-soaked ballads and locktight harmonies are addictive.

Their debut album, 'How Bee's Fly', was recorded in the basement of a pool hall
on Route 66 in Albuquerque. The album has not been released yet in America, but
has become quite a hit in Europe after being released in July of 1997 by
Glitterhouse Records. The band has been showered with rave reviews, culminating
in being named Best New Band of 1997 by Rolling Stone magazine Europe, over
The Wallflowers, Jewel, No Doubt and Jonny Lang.
Hazeldine signed a worldwide record deal with Polydor/A&M Records and recorded
a new album called 'Digging You Up', produced by Jim Scott (Whiskeytown, Tom Petty,
Natalie Merchant) in Los Angeles during March of 1998. It was released in Europe
in October of 1998. It's received great reviews throughout Europe, including
4-Stars in England's prestigious Uncut magazine, which called 'Digging You Up'
"A classic of it's kind, a great record in any language".

About the tour:

The booking agency came up with another Hazeldine tour in autum 1998 to promote
their album 'Digging You Up', the planned lineup was:


It turned out that Todd (ex-Dashboard Saviors) was not able to join this caravan.
So Unni and her partner in crime took his place. Knowing Todd quite good (he was my
guest and i promoted some of his shows) i have to confess that Unni was not only a
substitute. From a male's point of view...but that's a different story.

Unni Wilhelmsen opened every evening together with her guitarplayer Espen Joergensen,
promoting her first german album 'To Whom It May Concern" (Mercury Rec 1998).
With her appearance, her voice and her beautiful songs she opened our hearts, too...

Jack Logan and Bob Kimbell came as second opening act, together with their guitarist
Kevin Lane. They sold their 'Little Private Angel'-album during this tour, so all
the songs played are from this collaboration-CD, with some coversongs. Simply stunning
duets, and when Kevin joins in...goosebumps are guaranteed !

On later dates of this tour Unni joined Jack and Bob, and sometimes also Hazeldine.
And Jack, Bob and Kevin helped Hazeldine, sometimes solo or as duo, sometimes all together.
I remember minimum one concert with all 10 musicians onstage during Hazeldine's encores...

About this concert:

Hazeldine played Lindau, as far as i know, only once - this time here. The two opening
acts had no major problems - they started with Hazeldine's set. Please keep in mind that
it was November 12, the day before was FRIDAY, and after all those support bands the
night came closer and closer to a progressive junction -> November 13th !! Shit happens...
The onstage sound was frustrating for the band, and more than once they complained
about it (exempli gratia: listen to track # 12). There were some strange hissing and
buzzing sounds, and during song # 04. "Realize" a few short nasty feedbacks appeared
...the main ones at at 0:15, 0:48 & 1:09 mins - impossible to remove them completely,
but as i did my very best, reduced them (- 6,0 to - 8,0 dB! if you know what that
means), it's quite a good listening now. This also happened again sometimes in song
# 05. "Digging You Up", but this time it was easier to remove them almost completely.
After track # 07. "Drive" the girls got their humour back:
"Thanks to our onstage guest" - the feedback...LOL.
"I think i'm much too sober for onstage guests right now..." was answered with
"Someone should get her a shot of Tequila, please !" and the whole banter was used to
introduce a "real" guest onstage: Jack Logan with his banjo & assorted backing vocals.

Is it really necessary to say that the misfortune continued ? During the two songs
Jack accompanied them, the DI-box started to cut out (again, listen to track # 12).

And starting with track # 13. "Memories" - a very early version, and as Shawn said,
"It's still unfinished..." - the sound problems seemed to be solved. No more black
cats in the room...maybe...

Overall it's a pretty good soundboard with a few real funny moments
and with a very special setlist including some rarely played songs.

The master DAT for this torrent here comes directly from the "BR-archive",
and was completely new mastered/reworked over the last few days by
lonetaper for his own "MWM"-archive, therefore also for this torrent here.


Please write decent comments...

The more you write...
the more we open our vaults
and shoe boxes...promised!


Club Vaudeville,
Lindau, Germany
November 12, 1998

Lindau is a German town and an island in the eastern part of the Lake Constance,
the Bodensee. It is located in the Bundesland of Bavaria and is also capital of
the Landkreis or rural district of Lindau. The historic city of Lindau is located
on an 0.68-square-kilometre (0.26 sq mi) island which is connected with the
mainland by bridge and railway.


recorded by HP & BR, my recorder through HP's, soundboard (engineer: Carsten Eckermann) to DAT

the recording:

Soundboard > Analog Cable > 'Line In' portable Sony TCD-D8 (16 bit, SP 48 kHz) >
> DAT (Maxell HS-4/90s, Helical-Scan 4mm Data Cartridge, 90 meter tape)

the transfer:

DAT (master) > Tascam DA-20 II, digital S/P-DIF out > Oehlbach Hyper Profi Opto Set (optical fibre, TOS-Link) >
> Behringer SRC-2496 Ultramatch Pro
(Ultra-high-resolution 24-Bit/96 kHz A/D & D/A and Sample Rate Converter & Dropouts-/Jitter Remover) >
> 16 bit, SP 48 kHz converted to 16 bit, SP 44,1 kHz > > Oehlbach Hyper Profi Opto Set (optical fibre, TOS-Link) >
> Terratec Aureon 7.1 PCI - Dolby Digital Live Soundcard with C-Media CMI8768 Soundprocessor Chip, digital S/P-DIF in >
> Motherboard with AMD Multicore Processor, Serial ATA Interface > CD Wave (recording) >
> Harddisc Western Digital with Thermaltake HD Cooler >
> lonetaper's secret box of miracles > CD Wave (tracking) > Traders Little Helper (SB aligned/level 6) > FLAC > DIME

the concert:

01. April 8 3:37.59
02. -> Allergic To Love 4:12.24
03. ...thanks a lot, we're Hazeldine, all the way from Albuquerque, NM... 0:24.73
04. Realize @ 3:23.10
05. Digging You Up 4:22.53
06. ...if this sounds good out there... 0:28.37
07. Drive 4:45.02
08. ...shot of Tequila/we're gonna do some banjo songs now... 0:46.09
09. Married Man #& 3:01.09
10. ...this next one is a new one... 0:22.41
11. Smaller $& 4:47.38
12. ...some problems with the DI-box/sound as bad out there as here ?/tuning... 1:17.27
13. Memories # 4:43.21
14. song dedicated to Mr. Bob Kimball... 0:22.67
15. Bob 4:33.52
16. Tarmac 3:45.20
17. Right To Feel 4:04.45
18. Apothecary % 5:59.01
19. Summer Wine 3:28.17
20. ...thank you/crowd noise... 0:12.73

encore 1: +
21. ...a song from the new album, i'd like to do acapella... 0:17.22
22. Dead Love § 2:38.00
23. ...thank you/band introduction... 0:58.42
24. Whiskey In The Jar 4:35.24

encore 2: +
25. more, what do you want to hear? 1:04.13
26. Fuzzy 6:21.49
27. -> The Chain # 5:17.73
28. ...thanks a lot, thanks for coming... 0:30.43

total: 80:22.44 mins


@ - short feedbacks, main ones at 0:15, 0:48 & 1:09 mins
# - unreleased by Hazeldine
& - Jack Logan on banjo & assorted backing vocals
$ - still unfinished...a very early version
% - song dedicated for Bernhard R.
§ - Tonya solo, acapella
+ - applause muted and therefore OMITTED


Shawn Barton - vocals, guitar
Tonya Lamm - vocals, guitar
Anne Tkach - bass, vocals
Jeffrey Richards - guitar, mandolin
David Sinclair - drums

and partly with:
Jack Logan - banjo & assorted backing vocals

Please support the artists and buy their CDs...

and my dear buddies BR & HP & FK...

Big thanks to my wife, Mrs. Leo, for supporting
and taking an active part in all my crazyness...

No animals were harmed in the making of this
recording or during the mastering and transfer.

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