The Head And The Heart
Showbox At The Market
Seattle WA
April 29, 2011

Recorded by cut_here (~13' from R stack)
AT853>sp-spsb-1>SPminiTRS>Microtrack>USB 2>Audition (+12.25L, 13.75R)>cdwave>TLH (flac 5)

01 Intro
02 Cats And Dogs
03 Couer d'Alene
04 Ghosts
05 Honey Come Home
06 New Jam
07 Lost In My Mind
08 Winter Song
09 Sounds Like Hallelujah
10 Down In The Valley
11 Rivers And Roads
12 (break)
13 Chasing A Ghost (Jon Solo)
14 Josh McBride
15 Heaven Go Easy On Me

Thanks to the band for letting me tape. If you enjoyed the performance, please support them by attending shows or
purchasing merch.

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