Head for the Hills
March 8, 2011
Peoria, Illinois
Peoria Theater

Head for the Hills
Creek Road Ramblers

Core Sound Binaurals/Battery Box > Olympus LS-10 > Audacity/Trader's Little Helper (SBE Fix/FLAC8) > Dime


01 Salt Spring
02 Time to Spare
03 If 'n When
04 How Far I'd Fall for You
05 Never Does
06 Lovers Scorn > High on a Mountain Top > Chupchik
07 New Lee Highway Blues > 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover > Down the River Road
08 Phantom Phone Call
09 Priscilla the Chinchilla
10 Randall Collins
11 Nooks and Crannies
12 One Foot in the Grave
13 Up on the Mountain
14 Bosun Ridley
15 I'm a Lonesome Fugitive
16 Hornets > My Angelie


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