Cobo Arena, Detroit, MI
April 28, 1977

Source : audience recording > unknown gen cassette (possibly cassette master) (unknown taper)

Editing : CD Wave Editor (tracking) > Sound Forge (volume) > Wave > TLH (sbe aligned) Flac 8

Traders Den - Dec. 25, 2021

edited & posted by kingrue upload #3410

Heart was opening for The Kinks. ( i don't have that )

As far as I know The Kinks tape hasn't circulated. ( but i'm sure someone has it )

Crazy On You has a drum intro, which has a tiny cut just before the song starts.

I actually listened to this recording several times. This tape sounds Amazing !!

As I'm listening to Silver Wheels, I instantly recognize it as the instrumental intro to Crazy On You.

I never knew it was originally 2 seperate pieces.

For fun i made an audio sample of those 2 pieces put togther just like the album version.

I don't know why they didn't play it this way in concert.

I really want to know who taped this GEM !!!

If you're a Heart fan, then you need this is your collection.

Thanks to Wes M. for doing the tracking.

Merry Christmas Everybody !!!

Band line-up
Ann Wilson - vocals, flute
Nancy Wilson - guitar, vocals
Howard Leese - guitar, keyboards
Roger Fisher - guitar
Steve Fossen - bass
Michael Derosier - drums

Total Time = 63:57

Set list
01 tuning, intro
02 White Lightning And Wine
03 Kick It Out
04 Sing Child
05 Silver Wheels (instrumental)
06 Dreamboat Annie
07 Soul Of The Sea
08 Love Alive
09 Dream Of The Archer
10 Little Queen
11 Crazy On You -- (tape flip @ 0:08)
12 Devil Delight
13 Magic Man
14 Barracuda
15 Rock And Roll

editing notes:
I boosted the right channel +1 dB.