More early Heart was requested - here's a good one!
This one was shared at The Traders Den back in 2009 by kshavo
I removed the mp3 file from the "Extras" folder.

Original info:

Band Name: Heart
Date: 10-5-1977
Venue: Boutwell Auditorium
City: Birmingham
State: Alabama
Country: USA
Taper: Unknown
Format: PCM
Channels: 2
Sample rate: 44100
Show Length: 01:18:33

Audience>Cassette copy>JVC TD-W20>Total Recorder WAV 44.1/16 2ch Stereo>
Winamp FLAC 44.1/16 2ch Stereo>You

Song List

Disk 1

1) Sylvan Song
2) Dream of the Archer
3) Love Alive
4) Say Hello
5) Heartless
6) Silver Wheels
7) Dreamboat Annie
8) Soul of the Sea
9) Treat Me Well
10) Little Queen

Disk 2

1) Devil Delight
2) Magic Man
3) Barracuda
4) Crazy on You
5) Whit Lightning & Wine
6) Rock-n-Roll
7) Without You

I received this show in a trade about 20-25 years ago. I believe my copy is very close
to the original source for the following reasons. The trader that I obtained the show mainly
traded Heart and he lived near Birmingham, making him likely to have taped the show (If he
was not the taper he probably knew the taper). This is a rare one, gigs from the "Little Queen" tour are just not found. I do not know what type of equipment was used to record the show, but the sound quality is great. The sound is clean and appears to of been recorded from up close. Show highlights include Nancy Wilson singing "Treat me Well"; this is a great performance of a rarely played song off of "Little Queen". Also "Say Hello" was performed, another rarely performed song off "Little Queen". You will enjoy listening to this show, it's a great snapshot of the band from the beginning of their carrier. The transfer of the show was not without problems unfortunately, well.....only one problem. When I was transferring side two of the tape the deck decided to eat the tape!!!. Only a small portion of "Devil Delight" was affected but the damage was beyond repair. Thankfully I had an mp3 copy of the full song. So I decided to include the mp3 copy of the song that was affected, choosing to distribute the full show rather than including the damaged (slightly shortened) version.

To satisfy anyone who would like a non-mp3 version of the affected song I have included an "extras" folder with this seed. In it you will find the following files:

1) "D2 01 Heart - Devil Delight Birmingham,AL 10-5-1977(Full repaired version after tape break).flac"
(This a recording of the tape after I repaired it)
2) "D2 01 Heart - Devil Delight Birmingham,AL 10-5-1977(What was recorded when the tape broke).flac"
(This is what I recorded as the tape was being eaten)
3) "Heart Birmingham AL 10-5-77 11 Devil Delight.mp3"
(My mp3 of Devil Delight)
Maybe someone will be motivated to try to repair the song.
I was not in the mood to try!!!