Selland Arena
Fresno, CA

This concert is frequently, and incorrectly, listed as May 12, 1978. The actual date is December 5, 1978.

This FM show is from Let It Rip Productions "California Nights." This show was Part 2 of that set. Part 1 was from a King Biscuit Flower Hour concert.

I have corrected the dates on the files, converted the files from shn to flac with Trader's Little Helper, and updated this text file. I downloaded this ages ago, probably from Dime, though I cannot recall with certainty. I did not include the artwork as it had the incorrect date on it.

Lineage: FM Broadcast> 1st gen cassette> CDR> remaster> shn> flac6 via Trader's Little Helper

Thanks to everyone who brought this one out.


Following are the applicable notes from the original poster though I am not sure who that was. (Maybe John, who did the remastering?)

There is a small cut at the beginning during the song; "Mistral Wind" on disc 1 of
"California Nights Part 2" due to tape oxidation. As with all Let It Rip
Productions releases, they are meant to be traded or torrented and never to be
sold for profit. Be sure to check out the outstanding artwork done for this
Enjoy !
Remastered by: John

Title: California Nights Part 2
Venue: Selland Arena
Location: Fresno, California
Date: December 5, 1978
Source: FM
Lineage: 1st generation cassette>CDR
Label: Let It Rip Productions

Set List:
Disc 1
1. Cook With Fire
2. High Time
3. Heartless
4. Devil's Delight
5. Straight On
6. Magic Man
7. Love Alive
8. Magazine
9. Mistral Wind

Disc 2
1. Dog And Butterfly
2. Silver Wheels
3. Crazy On You
4. Kick It Out
5. Barracuda
6. White Lightning And Wine
7. Rock And Roll

FYI, here is the info on the other FM show that was included with the set:

Title: California Nights Part 1
Venue: Great Western Forum
Location: Inglewood, California
Date: September 1977
Source KBFH FM
Lineage: Master cassette>CDR
Label: Let It Rip Productions

Set List:
1. Kick It Out
2. Sing Child
3. Silver Wheels
4. Dreamboat Annie
5. Little Queen
6. Magic Man
7. Barracuda
8. Crazy On You
9. White Lightning
10. Rock And Roll
11. Without You