Heart, Six Flags,
Jackson, New Jersey - June 22, 1984.

Source: Unknown audience recording.
Quality: Excellent-, 9/10 rating.

Set List:

1.Introduction - Sleep Alone 5:47
2.Blue Guitar 3:33
3.Crazy on You 6:24
4.Magic Man 3:04
5.The Heat 4:40
6.Mistral Wind 8:11
7.For Your Love 3:59
8.Dog & Butterfly 5:13
9.Straight On 3:52
10.Even It Up 4:05
11.Bebe Le Strange 3:07
12.How Can I Refuse? 5:45
13.Allies 5:20
14.Barracuda 4:37

Band Line Up:

Ann Wilson Vocals
Nancy Wilson Guitar, keyboards and vocals
Howard Leese Guitar, Keyboards
Mark Andes Bass Guitar
Denny Carmassi Drums

67:44 Minutes.

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