Heart - "You Must Get High"
April 7th 2006
Ruth Eckerd Hall
Clearwater, FL USA

White Dragon Records - WDR0210

Source: Audience DAT master

Recording Equipment: Audio Technica 933 cardioid mics >
Audio Technica 8532 Power Modules >
Sony PCM-M1 DAT recorder

Location: ORCH Row M DFC (12th row Dead f'n center)

Taper: kinglerxst

Mastering: siriusjoe

Artwork: kinglerxst

Intro 1:22
Rock And Roll 3:58
Love Alive 5:16
Kick It Out 2:54
Straight On 5:30
Bebe Le Strange 4:18
These Dreams 5:40
Alone 4:23
Lost Angel 7:08
Even It Up 4:49
Magic Man 5:49
Barracuda 4:49
Crazy On You 4:38
Black Dog 4:37
Misty Mountain Hop 8:05
Dreamboat Annie 4:42

Taper's Notes:

2006 wasn't a heavy year show wise for me in numbers, but it was a heavy one for this
venue. Even though it could literally be a 6 hour roundtrip all the way across the state,
I really like the venue and for awhile they had many great bands that somehow never made
it to the "local" PAC, so I made the long trek to see yet another Heart show :)

This was a short but sweet show, pretty much a "greatest hits" gig, but was still great
and they did not disappoint at all. Heart was my first WDR release, and this show is
my 10th release, so I thought it'd be cool to make it another Heart concert! Yeah, I
myself (along with everyone else at the show) would have liked them to play longer, even
adding just Mistral Wind would have made it even better but it is was it is and was still
well worth the long drive ;)

I was in my usual area as far as seating, about 12th row DFC and the sound was definitely
cranking, pretty loud with a nice mix. They also had a rather nice band assembled that
rocked very nicely as well. Crowd was also pretty good around me, a little clapping along
here and there but the music more than overpowers any of that stuff and Ann pretty much
smokes on this one, along with everything else!

Once again a very special thanks to siriusjoe for mastering this one to disc from my DAT !!

Release Notes:

As always, feel free to share this anywhere you'd like, MP3 is fine for
personal use, but please don't distribute in that format. Please do not
alter/remaster/matrix this release. A great deal of effort went into
capturing and producing this recording, and we would prefer it to
remain as we have presented it. Your cooperation will encourage many
more releases in the future. ;)

Thanks & enjoy the show!


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