This is a master recording from the Cheap Trick, Heart, & Journey show in Dallas in 2008. I'm pretty sure it is uncirculated (I cannot remember ever posting it and I know I never traded it). But either way, it was a super performance by the band and a great night captured live. This is source 1 of the 2 recordings I made this night of Heart's and Journey's shows.


(1. 2008) Zoom H2 digital recorder @ 44.1 kHz, 16 bit WAV audio > 2 GB SD car to PC > Easy Media Creator 9 Pro for creating tracks, track naming, fade in/outs, and +16 db gain > master CD-R

(2. 2012) Master CD-R > Creator 10 Pro for converting to FLAC > Trader's Little Helper for md5 file and torrent creations/verifications > you

Artist: Heart

Date: July 27th, 2008
Location: Dallas, Texas
Venue: Amphitheatre
Source: AUD Master
Format: FLAC
CD: 1 Artwork: No
Label: Bootradr Master
Title: Have A Heart Dallas

Size: 344 MB
Quality: B/B+


01. opening music

02. Wilod Child

03. Never

04. Straight On For You

05. Magic Man

06. These Dreams

07. Alone

08. Love Reign O'er Me (The Who) (accidentally named Rain On me...on CD)

09. Barracuda

10. crowd/encore

11. band intro & talk

12. Going To California (Led Zeppelin song)

13. Crazy On You

This was (I believe) the second time using the Zoom H2 digital recorder, and if I'd left the settings the same as I had them for our late arrival during Cheap Trick's last 5 songs, I think this would have easily been an A+ recording. The recording is very good, but I think amplifying it by 16 db created a little (how do I describe this?) variation in the recording. It doesn't ruin it at all, and it still sounds very good. But sometimes the audio sounds more crisp and clear and others it sounds less crisp and clear. This could also possibly be from me having the Zoom H2 hanging around my neck, on my chest, while holding the microphone from source 2? I really don't know. But it's not a drastic, concert ruining type of thing at all. If I hadn't mentioned it here, you might not have noticed :-)

I was also recording with Sony MD70 recorder with an external Sony ECM-917 microphone, so there is a second source I've yet to edit. It's on a PC and a backup 2 TB drive, and sooner or later (as with many other shows I've recorded), I'll get around to putting it to CD.

Heart was spectacular and I loved the way the songs sounded right. It wasn't like their 1985/1986 era shows that had totally different sounding guitar solos, etc. They were "straight on" (so to speak) in this Dallas show (and the other shows we saw them at too).

I'd include the ticket scan, but it doesn't say "Heart" anywhere on it. It just has "Journey". I'll throw it in the torrent upload anyhow. I also added some internet found, non copyrighted images taken by I don't know who from the show. If anyone has the time to create any artwork, please do!

I hope those who check it out enjoy the show...