Heart 2010-08-13 The Pavilion at POrtsmouth, VA Audience Recording 2 rows in front of soundboard, DFC Taped by RCarter(DT) 24 Bit: ZoomH2 48KHZ 24Bit>CD Wave Editor>dB Poweramp for conversion to FLAC>TLH for everything else 16 Bit: ZoomH2 48KHz 24Bit>CD Wave Editor>dB Poweramp for conversion to 44.1 16 bit and FLAC>TLH for everything else 01- Intro 02- Cook With Fire 03- Heartless 04- What About Love 05- Straight On 06- Dog & Butterfly 07- These Dreams 08- Hey You 09- Gimme Shelter-Even it Up Medley 10- Red Velvet Car 11- In the Cool 12- Alone 13- WTF 14- Magic Man 15- Crazy On You 16- Barracuda 17- Band Intros 18- What is and What Should Never Be 19- Love Reign O'er Me 20- Outro Music About 3 minutes of crowd between Barracuda and the Band Intros was whacked. It was interesting seeing Heart twice in 3 days.They played much better tonight. I bet it was 20 degrees cooler than 2 days ago in Glen Allen. There was a nice breeze, and me without my windscreen. There is some phasing too. Very quiet crowd around me for the most part. Thanks Andy! Dedicated to the guy who was really getting into it 2 rows in front of me, and the 2 chicks making fun of him in the row between us. 16 Bit FFP: ; flac fingerprint file generated by Trader's Little Helper ; generated on August 14, 2010, at 01:18:32 01- Intro.flac:7710dcb4074d8327acb9464a9a07d406 02- Cook With Fire.flac:a23e749b6145fb57ea4419c7e5683f64 03- Heartless.flac:788de4d32d40a464b828212d8c3067cf 04- What About Love.flac:0ad4748fff512d4f90d1a5ed2ebe159d 05- Straight On.flac:a55db5082aa196df24318eb184e286c2 06- Dog & Butterfly.flac:4dc171d93c3ae8e68120963b8bce2005 07- These Dreams.flac:cbac69e9a0004ae672f5b4b2775cb98f 08- Hey You.flac:2f5895edea80f39ddbb9bcd67a4da017 09- Gimme Shelter-Even It Up Medley.flac:d43b2963ed1e18562b1fcae634acd0c6 10- Red Velvet Car.flac:1e030db2a97e3484514c80dbc9cd8837 11- In The Cool.flac:7aa1932277057813531bf1165e4065f2 12- Alone.flac:6b189c3ddff5594c1e7db295803da021 13- WTF.flac:d66ff9c4b9b36275a1ba5834d61238a9 14- Magic Man.flac:db4d57657b0c6de97ae0e42d9a0a29b9 15- Crazy on You.flac:e16eb08fbacaaa6d4c231913b1811f40 16- Barracuda.flac:dbf177b196b71fa196c7207e4215c6cd 17- Band Intros.flac:8433820bb65be96865de95d627e0e7e6 18- What Is And What Should Never Be.flac:2457c5ad861e2a642acd88f7d1689143 19- Love Reign O'er Me.flac:c3af8e8a72f010f95014868c63cf7280 20- Outro.flac:488edcf746007389849b70be5c3affd6