Family Arena
St Louis, MO actually St. Charles
Sept 4th 2010

Edirol R09 > Audacity > CD Wave
Audience 7-8000

included area have full of pictures

Technical difficulty
The 1st song is 2/3 because Security was telling me not to take pictures and I hit pause by accident

other than that enjoy !


1) Cook With Fire
2) Heartless
3) What About Love
4) Straight On
5) Dog and Butterfly
6) These Dreams
7) Hey You
8) Even It Up (interspersed with "Gimme Shelter")
9) Red Velvet Car
10) In The Cool
11) Alone
12) WTF
13) Magic Man
14) Crazy On You
15) Barracuda
16) Band Intros

17) What Is and What Never Should Be (Led Zeppelin cover)
18) Love Reign O'er Me (Who cover)