The Center at
Camden, NJ
June 26th, 2011

jerseyboy recording

CA cards>CA 9100>Edirol R-09hr>Sound Forge 10>CD Architect 5> EAC> FLAC

01 crowd/intro
02 Cook With Fire
03 Heartless
04 Never
05 What About Love
06 These Dreams
07 Your The Voice
08 Alone
09 WTF
10 Magic Man
11 Crazy On You
12 Barracuda
13 encore / band intros
14 What Is And What Should Never Be

Heart opened for Def Leppard. I was in the 15th row just left of center but right in front of the Extended stage.
A security guard was watching me during the Heart set (staring directly at me). During the intermission he
approached me asked for my sd card, told me I could have at the end of the night. If I didn't comply I would be escorted
out of the building. I complied. Thanks to Andy for the ticket. No thanks to the Camden police for the horrible traffic
conditions trying to get the venue! It must have been Puerto Rican day they took over the city. Roads were closed.
Detours, overloaded cars with people hanging out of them racing all over. It looked like a revolution of some sort. What should've been
a 15 minute drive took me over an hour just to get to a parking garage, then I had to walk.