Riverbend Music Center
Cincinatti, Ohio
Jul 27, 2011

Recorded by genesisoh
Source: CA-14 cards > CA-9100 > TASCAM DR-2D > SD flash card > USB to PC > Cool Edit Pro (trim,volume,minor EQ,downsample 24/48 to 16/44) > CD Wave Editor > TLH > You
Location: Section 800 right behind the soundboard

"A Hot Night at the Riverbend"

The show was rescheduled from July 7. Heart is the opening act for Def Leppard. The band are in fine form and when they opened with Zep's Rock 'n Roll, I knew it was going to be a good night. I had to be more stealth with the mics than I normally would be (was making a video as well - more on that later :-), so there is the ocassional glithch in the recording. The show was quite bassy, so I EQ'ed it down a bit.

In general, the recording came out very well (samples included). As I mentioned, there are a few places where the sound fluctuates, but not a big deal. This was my first test drive with the CA cards and preamp.

The Riverbend Music Center seats maybe 20000 and I was about 1/2 of the way back and nearly dead center. Security was all over the place, so it was a particularly difficult environment to tape without being extremely stealth.

As I mentioned above, I videod the show as well (actually about 50 out of 60 minutes). First off, if you also have a video of this show, please PM me. My footage is flawed in parts due to many issues (security and otherwise), and there are also portions that are just outstanding and beautiful. I'm still deciding whether to even up it or not. It's kind of raw in parts. However there are so few Heart fan-filmed videos out there.

As always, this recording is to be traded freely and NEVER SOLD. Enjoy the show and, if you attended, relive the music! Please support the Heart by buying their official releases and merch. And go see them on this tour, they are GREAT!

Thank you Andy for the ticket!!!


01. Intro
02. Rock and Roll
03. Magic Man
04. Heartless
05. Straight On
06. What About Love
07. These Dreams
08. Alone
09. WTF
10. Crazy On You (lead guitar missing on first minute)
11. Barracuda
12. encore applause
13. Band Introducions
14. Love Reign On Me

Heart is:

Ann Wilson - Lead Vocals/Flute/Guitar
Nancy Wilson - Guitar/Mandolin/Vocals/Harmonica
Ben Smith - Drums
Kristian Attard - Bass
Debbie Shair - Keyboards
Craig Bartock - Guitar