Ladies Choice
Hard Rock Live
Biloxi, MS

Audience Digital Master
Equipment: CA-11 mics >SP-SPSB-8 >Roland R-05
Location: Sec 204 Row AA
Taper : CE_34
Mastering: rn

01. In My Time of Dying (intro)
02. Fanatic
03. Heartless
04. What About Love
05. Mistral Wind
06. 59 Crunch
07. Even It Up
08. Dreamboat Annie
09. Dog And Butterfly
10. I Want It Back (feat Shawn Colvin)
11. Friends (feat Shawn Colvin)
12. These Dreams
13. Alone
14. Dear Old America
15. Crazy On You
16. Barracuda
17. Magic Man
18. Black Dog


Ann Wilson - Nancy Wilson - Ben Smith - Craig Bartock - Debbie Shair - Dan Rothchild

*Special Guest Shawn Colvin sat in on two songs during the final show of the year.

Notes:This was the first time I've ever seen Heart live. Excellent show to say the least.The crowd was, for the most part, very polite and quiet.There was a shout here and a loud whistle there but nothing constant.My wife forgot about recording and peeked over and said that Nancy Wilson was Hot.I couldn't agree more !! I hope you enjoy this little souviner.

Thank You to rn for yet another Fantasic mastering job. Cheers !

Artwork is included.


Please Do Not redistribute this recording in lossy formats.

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