Sahuarita AZ [Tucson]
November 14th, 2015

"HEART - Anne and Nancy Wilson"

Dedicated to: Ti-To.

OK Quality

Lineage / Equipment:

Farthest right and still in the building -> Tascam DR-05 [internals] - no bass roll-off ->
96/24 Audacity downsample (44.1/16)(E.Q. lower [-6db] around 100 hz then raise on slope to 2khz [+4db] then maintain)
-> (no normalization) -> EAC cd wave editor (track split on sector bound)(EQ. boost to talk)(minimize worst screams)
-> (flac 8, etc...) -> DIME -> you -> Enjoy !!!
convert to mp3 for personal use only.

Taper: hi there ..... :-)

K.I.L.L. = Keep It LossLess


01 Intro
02 Kick It Out
03 Heartless
04 What About Love
05 Straight On
06 There's the Girl
07 Two
08 These Dreams
09 Alone
10 Even It Up
11 Dear Old America
12 The Witch
13 Crazy On You/Barracuda
14 break
15 Immigrant Song
16 No Quarter
17 Misty Mountain Hop

91:22 Full Show no opener ....... drop the intro might fit on single CDR

The performance:

Very animated Show no opener very few pauses but a few song stories, I was way way way on the Right
there was a very loud screamer two seats to my left, recorded with 3 volt internals .... You do the math !!

I know you want it anyway it is HEART after all !!

Untill something better pops up..... Enjoy !!!