Gennessee Theater
Waukegan, Illinois
May 20, 2016

Source: DPA 4060 => Tascam DR-2D
Lineage: 24-bit WAV files => Magix Audio Cleaning Lab => FLAC (level 8) (dithered to 16-bit)
Location: ~3rd row, left side

Track listing (76:44):
(1) Intro (1:50)
(2) Magic Man (5:24)
(3) What About Love? (4:30)
(4) Kick It Out (3:32)
(5) Beautiful Broken (2:24)
(6) Banter (0:55)
(7) These Dreams (5:27)
(8) Two (4:33)
(9) Banter (0:53)
(10) Sand (4:09)
(11) Alone (4:32)
(12) Straight On (6:39)
(13) Banter (0:37)
(14) I Jump (4:03) *
(15) Crazy On You (5:11)
(16) Barracuda (5:42)
(17) Encore break (1:11)
(18) The Immigrant Song (2:25)
(19) No Quarter (6:58)
(20) Misty Mountain Hop (5:39)

* Live debut

Md5 signature file is included. Sorry, no artwork (feel free to make some)


Note: This is a 16/44.1 file set, which can be burned directly to CD with most consumer music editing software. A high-resolution 24-bit version has been posted separately.

This captures the Chicago-area appearance by Heart in support of their forthcoming album, "Beautiful Broken." Overall a good show, although a bit short at roughly 75 minutes. The setlist features a mix of their hits and material from their current album, concluding with (as usual) a medley of Led Zeppelin songs. I'm not a big Heart fan, but they really are a solid live act even as they enter their fifth decade of recording and touring.

In terms of sound quality, TallTaper did a fine job. Fidelity is great, and minimal interference from the crowd. I tweaked the raw recording to bring out the high end and minimize the echo in the mid-range, but it really didn't need much work. If you're a Heart fan, this is definitely worth the download.

Mp3 samples are included in the comments. Thanks to Talltaper for giving the green light for this to go on Dime.