Heartbreakers 1975-07-25 CBGB, New York, NY (AUD)

New York, NY

01 Intro by Sylvain Sylvain
02 Goin' Steady
03 Chinese Rocks
04 Pirate Love
05 Can't Keep My Eyes On You
06 Flight
07 Hurt Me
08 Blank Generation
09 I Wanna Be Loved
10 New Pleasure

Total time: 30:13

Richard Hell: bass and vocals
Johnny Thunders: guitar and vocals
Walter Lure: guitar and vocals
Jerry Nolan: drums

This show has been on dime at least once before. It most recently fell off the tracker in Oct. 2007. This torrent is not a reseed, however, but a new transfer from my tape, which I think sounds a little better than the tape used in the previous torrent.

I got this in trade way back in 1976 or so. My notes say that this is Walter Lure's first show with the Heartbreakers.

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Uploaded to dime by punchomatic, June 2008.