HEAT (Germany)
Sounds'n'Arts, Bamberg, Germany
September - 27 - 2014

from SEETHELIGHT7 collection # 152

Rec. Info:
AIWA CM30 Mic -> Olympus LS11 (at WAV 16/44) -> We Transfer-> my HD -> Audacity (edit, volume balance + boost only) -> WAV 16/44 -> TLH8 -> FLAC -> DIME -> YOUR EARS AND MIND...
Recorded at first row left side of center as usual by dear SEETHEFUZZ7. Execellent recording from the "sauna room" in Bamberg with a few screams and hollers here and there, but that just
adds nicely to the atmosphere of this hard rockin' show. As usual a bit weak on the low end, but that was no problem to fix. A few nice pics are included as well. All thanks straight
to the NUERNBERG TAPER CREW of the Fuzzman and LORD DIE for back-up taping this fantastic band!
Final night of the 2 and a half cross continental mideuropean tour of this great band from Berlin. Please, do not get these nice guys confused with a swedish band of the same name
(but those are spelled H.E.A.T). When I saw them the first (and yet unfortunately only time) on Burg Herzberg 2012 (in the blazing noon "heat") I was really impressed about their musical
skills, until I realized that I knew at least two guys from other bands seen before: Richard from SAMSARA BLUES EXPERIMENT and Marcus from the equal gorgeous GRANDLOOM... They had not
released their first album "Old Sparky" (the electric chair of NYC's execution facility) those days, but I've enjoyed the show very very much. So, two years gone by, and the band was hitting
the road again with their second, even superior release "Labyrinth" in September. A big hands out to France to fellow taper buddy Trekk for giving us the September 17th show in Bordeaux,
which was simply amazing and even longer than this one...ok, this had a supporting act (which was not taped) and shows usually NEVER start before 10:30 pm at that location...The room seemed
to be packed and (as I was told) the "heat" was maybe similar to that on Burg Herzberg midsummer.
What about the music? When you listen to these five very talented guys, you might get some "flashbacks" to the glory music of the 70's. Of course, all done with a "modern" StonerRock
skeleton, you will identify a lot of THIN LIZZY, WISHBONE ASH, DEEP PURPLE, GRAND FUNK or LED ZEPPELIN. The clostest of contempary arists may be the swedish (sic!) companions of HORIZONT
or GRAVEYARD. So this may root you on pushing the DL button on this. I like this recording/show very much, and just remember to lighten one up before listening on 11/10 to scare the
neighbours cat(s). Miouw...Answer from SB: Wuff!

FULL SHOW (64:15 min.)

01. Intro -> Siamese smile (6:16)
02. Warhead (6:19)
03. Free wold (4:49)
04. Illusion (5:43)
05. Barbarossa (5:00)
06. Masquerade (4:25)
07. Tech break (broken snare) (3:28)
08. Tueren oeffnen sich zur Stadt (4:58) *
09. Loving devotion (5:44)
10. Labyrinth (8:47)
--- Encore ---
11. Daymare (8:40)

* from the GDR band PUHDYS (1971)!

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From Berlin, Capitol of Germoney...the amazing HEAT:

Drums: Marcus Toepfer
Guitar: Matthias Schult
Guitar: Marco Rischer
Voices: Patrick Fuelling
Bass: Richard Behrens

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