The Heavy Pets November 21st, 2008 930 Club Washington, DC Taper: Timothy Brown ( Location: OTS, LOC AUD Source: Schoeps MK4Vs(ORTF, 9' on stand)->Schoeps kcy Active Cable->Schoeps vms02ib->Korg MR-1000 (5.6448 MHz @ 1-bit) SBD Source: SBD->JB3 (Line-in) AUD Transfer: MR-1000->USB->PC SBD Transfer: JB3->Firewire->PC AUD Source Processing: 5.6448 MHz/1-bit files dithered and resampled to 16/44.1. Mixing: SBD source mixed to 0.0dB, AUD source mixed to -2.0dB in Sony Vegas 7.0 Conversion: CDWav 1.93.3 for track splitting and Flac16 encoding @ level 8. Tagging: Band name, Venue and Song Title in Foobar2000 ***************************************************************** ********* PLEASE SPREAD, BUT PLEASE INCLUDE SOURCE INFO ********* ****** DO NOT SELL OR DISTRIBUTE FOR A PROFIT BY ANY MEANS ****** ***************************************************************** 01. Dew Point 02. Waiting for a Sign 03. Bibbles 04. Operation of Flight 05. Monster Box 06. Girl You Make Me Stupid 07. Travel Notes: Opening for Umphrey's McGee Thanks to Tommy G. (THP FOH) for the SBD patch Thanks to Jim Turner for the use of the gear. Thanks to Jon McLennand for everything he does. Thanks to Danny T. & Jeff P. for driving. Thanks to Danny T. for the clamp space. Thanks to Tom G., Danny T., Dan C., Phelps, Jeff P. and Nick S. for the awesome blocking! Thanks to Dave S., for being Dave S. Thanks to Sarah's friends for the beers! Epic eBasement weekend night 2 of 3. ***************************************** ****Please support artists and venues**** ************that allow taping************ ***************************************** theheavypets2008-11-21t01.flac:9e240db8139bf1405b541252ee3e9ac5 theheavypets2008-11-21t02.flac:3792071ffda2889c5edbc3cd0f7473fa theheavypets2008-11-21t03.flac:370ccf5e3e4165bbbc4506e882a30d1a theheavypets2008-11-21t04.flac:0690b0191336b0cc28a8309a719ff870 theheavypets2008-11-21t05.flac:cf101855af6a6b758942cfa8dc8841dc theheavypets2008-11-21t06.flac:e58103a0262f0623f6a98e4d880efec8 theheavypets2008-11-21t07.flac:f9477e3b452ccffc933adf8c4cbe3699