The Heavy Pets
Spirit Of The Suwannee Music Park
Live Oak, FL
Amphitheater Stage

Source: Beyerdynamic mc930(Cards) >Gakcables >Oade Basic Mod Fostex FR-2LE (16/44) >CF Card
Transfer: Wavelab 5(Resample,Dithering,Fades) >CD Wave (Tracking) >TLH >Flac 16 (Level 8) >Live Show Tagger(Foobar2000)
Location: FOB/DFC

Recorded & Transferred by Dnuggs

01. Intro
02. Played Again
03. Song For John
04. Xylophone
05. Lantern
06. Help Me Help You
07. The Day The Sun Forgot To Rise
08. So Thank You Music