H E L L B O R G ~ T H R A L L ~ S H R I E V E
Nefertiti Jazz Club
Göteborg, Sweden
March 14, 1985


Jonas Hellborg - Bass
Pat Thrall - Guitar, Vocals
Michael Shrieve - Drums

QUALITY: Very Good (a little hissy in the quiet parts, but not many of those!)
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In 1985, after Hughes-Thrall (with Glenn Hughes on vocals) didn't succeed as expected, guitarist Pat
Thrall (ex-Pat Travers Band) performed a one-off live concert together with his ex-Automatic Man
pal Michael Shrieve (formerly with Santana) and Swedish bass player extraordinaire Jonas Hellborg
(playing with the Mahavishnu Orchestra at the time).

Whether they were getting ready to record an album or just gigging for fun, they played a blistering
set at Nefertiti that included some blues, a couple of funk/vocal tunes, extended bass and drum solos,
but mostly red hot instrumental rock/fusion. Thrall is a superb guitar player whose talents were never
fully utilized with Pat Travers, but here he delivers an absolutely jaw dropping performance with a
guitar tone that will take your head off. And the Hellborg/Shrieve rhythm section (which teamed up
again in 1996 on the landmark "Two Doors" CD with Shawn Lane) is, not surprisingly, absolutely killer.

This is a very rare show that I have never seen on anyone's list. It needs to be heard by all fans
of heavy instrumental rock/fusion so I am sharing it here. I am so thankful that this was captured
in the first place so thanks to the taper - whoever you are.


Seeded by barkndog on DIME on 2/26/09.

"I owe Michael a lot; He's the one who turned me onto John Coltrane and Miles Davis. I just wanted
to play blues until Michael came. He opened my eyes and my ears and my heart to a lot of things.
Some drummers only have chops, but Michael Shrieve has vision. Michael is like a box of crayons;
he has all the colors."
Carlos Santana