Henhouse Prowlers
Second Presbyterian Church of Chicago
Chicago, IL

Source: SP-CMC-8 cardioid > M-AUDIO MicroTrack II > 44.1 kHz 16-bit WAV
Location: second row center 5' from stage, ORTF 32cm 0
Transfer: WAV > CD Wave > Trader's Little Helper > FLAC
Recorded by: Joe Steffen (HackensawFan at comcast dot net)

01. Northwest Passage *
02. Take Me Back to You
03. Shadow of a Man
04. Why You Been Gone So Long?
05. Dirt Brown Pillow
06. Southbound
07. Don't Even Say Goodbye
08. I'm a Rambler
09. Rebecca
10. You're so Square
11. Long Time Working It Out
12. Doing Allright
13. Uncle Pen
14. Love, Please Come Home
15. Cumberland Blues
16. Mourning Dove
17. Rock Me My Baby
18. How Mountain Girls Can Love
19. How It Feels
20. Caroline
21. Get in Line Brother
22. Nobody's Love is like Mine
23. Trouble
24. The First Train Robbery
25. Foggy Mountain Special/Rocky Road Blues
26. Helter Skelter
* I accidentally stopped recording near the beginning of the first tune so a few seconds weren't recorded.

Sounds of the South Loop concert series
Ryan Hinshaw's last show

Ryan Hinshaw: fiddle
Ben Wright: banjo
Jon Goldfine: bass
Eric Lambert: guitar
Grant Ziolkowski: mandolin