Henhouse Prowlers
Zoo Bar
Lincoln, Nebraska
November 12, 2014
Master Audience Recorded By Mr. Darby!
Naiant_AKG Actives/CK61s ( DIN/FOB/2' Left Of Center/25' Away/8' High ) >
Aerco MP-2 (RCA Out) > Sony PCM-M10 @ 24/48 >
Amadeus Pro ( Tracking/Fades/Flac 8 )
Tracks Renamed With AudioGate Software V.3.02 @ 24/48
Dithered/Flacked With Korg Aqua To 16/44
SBE's Checked/Fixed With Trader's Little Helper
Metadata Tagging With Tag&Rename By Keo


01.Gravel Yard (Two Takes)

Set 1:

02.Roll Muddy River
03.Scratchin' Post
04.Unknown Instrumental
05.Bluegrass Star
06.Carolina Moon
07.Shadow Of A Man
08.Another Train Awaiting
09.Back In The USSR
10.Chop My Money
11.Lonesome Road
12.When The Phone Don't Ring, It'll Be Me
13.The Track
14.Unsteady Footing
15.Six Days On The Road >
16.Handsome Molly, Set Break

Set 2:

17.Don't Even Say Goodbye
18.Breaking New Ground
19.Unknown Song
21.Forty Years Of Suffering
22.Take Me Back To You >
23.Uncle Bubba
25.Spoiler Alert
26.Up And Down The Mountain
27.Up On Cripple Creek
29.Soul Saver, Encore Break


30.The Category Stomp

Ben Wright - Banjo
Jon Goldfine - Bass
Starr Moss - Guitar
Dan Andree- Fiddle

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Comments:Another Huge Thanks out to Mr. Darby for
recording and sharing his source for this show!
Another excellent FOB share from the collection
of Mr. Darby's recordings!!!!!!!!
AS ALWAYS ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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