Henry Kaiser Band
Slim's, San Francisco, CA USA
1988-12-15 (that's Dec 15, 1988)

Henry Kaiser-g
Bruce Anderson-g,vcls
Hilary Hanes-b, vcls
John Hanes-d
Carey Sheldon-vcls
Tom Constanton-p

? 4:56
Intro :27
? Neil Young Song 5:30
talk :25
? 8:39
? 3:23
talk :58
Ghosts (Ayler) 4:12
( Mambo)3:42
more talk/intros :41
Mr. McGuffin 7:07
Liberty Valance 4:27

? (Tune on Drugs?) 3:30
talk :25
? 5:46
talk :18
? 36:03 (Dark Star?)

And again, another show like the last HK GAMH show but I think this one has the better sound. A small edit in the middle of side one with no music lost. I left all the banter in. I'm hopeless with tune names even with bands I know well so help me out here please.
Another qooling production brought to you by Garczar.
This is for Fonky1, who has been looking "for years" for this stuff. Sorry I didn't get to it sooner ;)