Henry Threadgill Very Very Circus, (TomP) Remaster
Royal Festival Hall (RFH), London
Recorded: 1992-01-30
Broadcast: 1992-05-18

Source: BBC FM live broadcast > Aiwa 640 3-head cassette deck, TDK AD-X C90 master, Dolby-C and -HX
Editing: Transfer > Philips CDR-570 audio CD-RW recorder > Nero 7 tidying only > Flac Frontend (level 6)

Further Changes Made (Nero 8):

Corrected usual FM phase shift, moving left channel +0.05msec
Cross mixed channels, 99:1 ratio
Noise print NR at extremely low setting, music quality / clarity is actually improved
Fixed tiny gaps between tracks
Increased volume of first 41min by +1dB
Corrected small balance offsets in the first 3 tracks
Retracked to info provided in original comments and better reflect transitions between numbers

Quality: Truly a rare EX

I has a recent request to repost this, my first ever upload, but it was clear that I could improve sound
quality with the tools and knowledge I've learnt, so whilst I said it was as good as the official CDs, it now
sounds really fantastic and much better to these ears than those CDs now, so please...

...Enjoy !!

Original info (with revised track times) >>>

This is a terrific performance, largely consisting of numbers from their first CD (Spirit of Nuff...Nuff),
but with a lot more power, bite and dynamics, showing the benefit of maturing perfomances through touring.

Quality of the transfer is about as good as it gets and is virtually indistinguishable from the the
quality (and hiss levels) on their 2nd CD release

Set list:
01 - Hope A Hope A (17:41)
02 - Snakes Don't Do Suicide (09:42)
03 - Unrealistic Love (11:45)
04 - Next (11:33)
05 - Bee Dee Aff > Dangerously Slippy (14:57)
65:40 min = Total time:

Henry Threadgill - alto
Mark Taylor - french horn
Brandon Ross - electric guitar
Masujaa - electric guitar
Dorian Parreott - tuba
Edwin Rodriguez - tuba
Gene Lake - drums

1. This is my first upload, checked by re-transfer back to CD-RW, but do PM me if any problems
2. As far as I know, this is the first time this performance has never been posted or published
3. Track details kindly provided in comments on my original post

Usual Stuff:
Please don't transfer to MP3, sell or do anything else you shouldn't with this stuff!