Herbie Hancock with Mwandishi
Baden Switzerland

Source: FM recording > TRADE CD > dB POWER> TRADERS LITTLE HELPER> flac (level 8) >Adobe Audition 2.0 (see below) > FLAC



01 FM intro
02 You'll Know When You Get There
03 Toys


01 Water Torture
02 Firewater
03 Maiden Voyage


Herbie Hancock (p, ky)
Julian Priester (tb)
Eddie Henderson (tp)
Bennie Maupin (ts, bcl, fl)
Buster Williams (b)
Billy Hart (d)

The show as originally seeded had the following issues:

-several compositions were spread across two or more tracks
-a 2-second fragment of drum roll occurred on d2t04, apparently unconnected to anything around it
-d2t06 contained a portion of "Maiden Voyage" that abruptly cut off around 8:15 continuous with the rest of the recording
-d2t07 was a repeat of the same performance of "Maiden Voyage" apparently from an alternate source, at a slower speed, with stereo channels reversed, and with a higher level of noise, but which nonetheless contained the complete performance of the song.

So I have done the following:

-eliminated d2t04 to preserve continuity
-d2t07: waveform centered; left & right channels swapped, and entire track compressed (lengthwise) to 94.5% of original speed, and volume reduced by -0.6dB to match primary source (d2t06); spliced in the last 6~ minutes of the piece to original source (d2t06) at ~8:10.
-Entire show retracked so that continuous pieces are contained within one track