Following JCDB's terrific Herbie Hancock post from about six weeks ago (, I want to share another recording from the Mwandishi period. Although this recording surfaced a while ago, I'm pretty sure it hasn't been shared at dime yet. The group performs what could be called "The Sleeping Giant Suite", an extensive 60-minute version of the tune that was recorded for the "Crossings" album about eight months before (February 15-17, 1972). I am not sure about the original source, but to me it sounds like a SBD recording.

Herbie Hancock "Mwandishi" - Baker's Keyboard Lounge, Detroit, MI
Date: Probably Oct. 8, 1972

Source: Unknown, probably SBD
Quality: B+

Herbie Hancock "Mwandishi" - Fender Rhodes, Percussion
Bennie Maupin "Mwile" - Reeds, Percussion
Eddie Henderson "Mganga" - Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Percussion
Julian Priester "Pepo" - Trombones, Percussion
Buster Williams "Mchezaji" - Double Bass, Electric Bass, Percussion
Billy Hart "Jabali" - Drums, Percussion
Patrick Gleeson - ARP 2600 Synthesizer, Percussion

01 Sleeping Giant Part 1 (14:18)
02 Sleeping Giant Part 2 (7:26)
03 Sleeping Giant Part 3 (7:14)
04 Sleeping Giant Part 4 (13:00)
05 Sleeping Giant Part 5 (14:14)

TT: 56min 15sec

Notes: I'm not 100% sure about the lineup and the recording date. Patrick Gleeson may not have been on this particular gig, but in general he was part of the live group by 1972 which is why I assume he's on this recording as well. The recording date may well be correct (and this date is frequently given), but it's slightly odd that the group should perform in Detroit that often around the particular time. In the liner notes to "Sextant" Bob Belden mentions the Mwandishi group working in Detroit in January 1973. They also played at the Strata Art Gallery in Detroit from February 20-23, 1973, so if the date is correct the group performed in Detroit three times within half a year! Any more hints, info or comments on the date would be very welcome. And of course any more Herbie shows particularly from the Mwandishi and Headhunters era would be truly appreciated. To me it's striking how many more concerts of "similar" acts around the time (RTF, MO, WR) have been taped compared to Hancock...