Herbie Hancock Group
July 31, 1982
Kool Jazz Festival
Center Arena, Seattle, WA

stereo audience recording

Herbie Hancock (kb)
Branford Marsalis (ts, ss)
Paul Jackson (b)
Alphonse Mouzon (d)

1. introduction (00:41)
2. Sly (11:38)
3. announcement (01:22)
4. Piano improvisation (07:49)
5. ? (15:45)
6. ? (13:51)
7. Actual Proof (17:39)

Any help with setlist would be appreciated.

Taperpat's comments:

Recorded by Taperpat and Wayne Gaddy from about 50 feet from the PA stack,
3rd row from the floor. 1 Sony ECM 270 (RC) & 1 ECM 18n (LC) > Sony D5M >
Sony 153SD (simultaneously in a chain). Mics on a stack of coats aiming up
toward the overhanging PA.

The D5M UDXLII master was sticking during playback (after the flip) so
Wayne's 152 SD master was the main source of the show with the D5M used for
a patch source during the staggered tape flip. Wayne used a NAK DR3 for
playback > Denon C550R burner, Taperpat a Nakamichi Dragon > Phillips 785

Miles opened for Herbie Hancock (w/ Branford Marsalis) and Jeff Lorber (w/
Kenny G). The Miles has been posted, Jeff to soon follow. Thanks to John for
all his work.

My Comments:

Source/lineage: SD Master and DSM for a patch --> CD --> EAC -->
GoldWave --> FLAC level 8

Thanks to Taperpat and Wayne for making this available.