January 18, 1996
Regent Hotel
Taipei, Taiwan
Invitation-only Promotional Recital

Track List (29:05):
1. Opening Remarks - 1:00
2. Dolphin Dance - 11:01
3. Cantaloupe Island - 8:45
4. Maiden Voyage - 8:16

Sony MiniDisc with mic placed on table approx. 2-3 meters from piano.

MD >.wav via Turtle Beach soundcard at 44.1 kHz >CDR >EAC >Wavelab 5.0 >CD Wave >FLAC

About the Performance:
Herbie Hancock did this one-off performance in Taipei for an invitation-only gathering of media and VIPs as part of a short promotional tour in advance of the release of "The New Standard."

Following the performance contained here in this set, Herbie answered questions from members of the local press for around 20 minutes. The next day he signed CDs and posed for pictures at a local Tower Records, did some sightseeing, and departed Ilha Formosa.

Throughout the performance, but especially at the beginning, the clicking of camera shutters is audible as local press photographers gathered around the piano to snap Herbie at the controls of the Starship Groove-er-Prise.