University of Illinois
Champaign, IL
February 20, 1977

~~ speed corrected ~~

same as recently seeded by mr.mags, ,
but speed corrected, as indicated in square brackets with each track (see setlist).

Herbie Hancock: Keys
Jaco Pastorious: Bass
Bennie Maupin: Saxes,lyricon
James Levi: Drums

AUD>?>CDr from Trade>EAC>WAV>Track w/ CD Wave>FLAC
> wav > Soundforge 5: speed correction > flac lvl7 w/SBA (530 MB)

B range- hissy.

speed corrected tracks:

Disc 1

01 Hang Up Your Hangups [+90cts] 15:51
02 Gentle Thoughts [+90cts] 12:12
03 It Remains to be Seen [+10cts] 12:53

Disc 2

04 JP Solo>Portrait of Tracy>Third Stone [+90cts] 7:58
05 Maiden Voyage [+90cts] 9:49
06 Chameleon (fade out) [+100cts] 13:22
07 Encore:Spider>Kuru [+75cts] 16:04

Total time after speed correction: 88.12 min

mr.mags notes (from previous seed):

In Herbie and especially Jaco trading circles, this has been around for years. However, a search of the dimebot shows no history of this being uploaded here. Hard to believe/ I may be wrong. Either way, it has not be around here for a while.

UNLIKE the Chicago FM Broadcast but LIKE the Kalamazoo recording- this is for fanatics/collectors only & worth a spin once in a great while-IMO. The Chicago FM is the real treasure. I saw it sold as official a few years back but it still looked bootleggy to me. Can anybody confirm? I digress.

RE: Quality. For those who downloaded my torrent of this group from Kalamazoo, this sounds a little cleaner & is less of a mess. That said, I would not give it a better rating and those who demand EX auds & sbds only, You may want to think twice. There is still quite a bit of hiss. A loving remaster would be a beautiful thing (speed issues, Dr.?). BTW- this thing came to me edited out of order so I retracked it into the proper sequence. Chameleon cuts & Spider starts in progress.


mr_mags (& flambay)


track times with previously seeded version


77D101 Hang Up Your Hangups 16:44
77D102 Gentle Thoughts 12:52
77D103 It Remains to be Seen 13:21
(77D201 in D1 folder turns out to be a duplicate of the same track in D2,
this one is not included here.)


77D201 JP Solo>Portrait of Tracy>Third Stone 8:24
77D202 Maiden Voyage 10:21
77D203 Chameleon (fade out) 14:12
77D204 Encore:Spider>Kuru 16:47