Here & Now
The 100 Club, London
audience recording

(H&N were supporting Man)

This is a 'power trio' Here & Now ... Steffy Sharpstrings on guitar, Keith Bailey on bass & Steve Cassidy on drums. Vocals from Steffy & Keith. Joie Hinton is absent, listen & you'll find out where!
I love the fact that on this recording you can finally work out which parts Steffy plays. So often I'm not sure which is Steffy & which is synth fill.
It also leaves some interesting gaps where the synth would normally be.

01 What You See Is What You Are
02 Crazy Lives / Instrumental
03 Fire In The Sky
04 Improvisation
05 Telly Song
06 Rattle The Cage
07 Floating Anarchy

This is a Woodland original recording ... and a very nice one!