Here & Now
Club 85
29 June 2018

Taper: phundercover
Lineage: Zoom H2n (built in mics) > USB > HD > Sound Studio (tracking, fades) > xACT (sector boundary alignment, encoding, tags)

Set List
01. Intro Jam (No title as such but they�ve been playing this as an opener since at least 2010)
02. What You See Is What You Are
03. Jacques Cousteau Loves Anchovies
04. Cloud Surfing��(introduced as a newish song but has appeared in the set occasionally since 2005)
05. Room Within A Room� (This has not been played live since about 1992)
06.��Marmite song�� (No official title as yet but Keith used to introduce it as The Marmite Song as not everyone liked it!)
07. Surgeon�s Knife �
08. New song (This is a new one and probably being played for the first time here)
09. Secrets
10. Opium For The People�(A Daevid Allen number from the 1977 tour when Here & Now became Planet Gong)
11. Always Becoming (Another newish song, the title is still subject to change)
12. Band intros
15. Glad You�re Here

Keith The Bass � Bass/Vocals� (1975 - present)
Mark Robson � Keyboards/Vocals� (2010 - present)
Andy Roid � Keyboards/Vocals� (1990 - 1997, 2011 - present)
Andy Burrows� � Guitar� (joined 2017)
Gem Cormac Quinn - Drums���(joined 2017)� (I reckon this is the 13th permanent drummer!)