Heritage Blues Orchestra and Eric Bibb
January 31st 2013
Glasgow Royal Concert Hall
Scotland, UK

Source: Sony MZ-RH1 (mic jack, low sensitivity) -> 9v Battery Module -> Core Sound Binaural Microphones (flat - no bass filter)
Lineage: Sonicstage -> WAV -> Traders Little Helper -> FLAC (Level 6)
Location: Door 10 Aisle 6, Block J, C 61 (Good centred position)

Notes: Comparing this to last week's recording of The Mavericks at Celtic Connections, the inclusion of the 9 volt battery module to power the mics has improved the sound however there remains occasional evidence of partial "clipping" possibly due to setting the manual record level too high at 83% or overloading due to the bass filter on my mics being switched off. This is present during vocal peaks, notably on track 7 of Heritage Blues Orchestra's set. I would really like to hear your thoughts on this (is the recording too "hot" or "bass heavy"? Maybe try reducing volume or cutting bass on playback?) however I would still rate the sound highly at around a B or A- I have decided to leave the fidelity of the recording "as is" and have only added in a couple of fades. Enjoy the show!!