Herman Brood & His Wild Romance - Berlin - Quasimodo - 1982-03-30 - SBD

This is the fourth night (4 Shows - 27 till 30-03), GER spring tour 1982.

SBD recording, Rating A, 135 minutes.
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Herman on a mission, catch a wave, steal what you can.
Keep Hermanus Brood Alive. This was the last one (for this week).

01-Little Troublemaker (Ian Mclagan & Bump Band - Little Troublemaker)
02-Waiting For My Man (Velvet Underground - I'm Waiting For The Man)
03-Doctor My Eyes (Jackson Browne - Doctor My Eyes)
05-Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out (Derek And The Dominos - Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out)
06-Everybody Loves A Looser
07-Take Me To The River (Al Green - Take Me To The River)
08-Doin' It
09-In The Heat Of The Night
10-Easy Street (David Lee Roth - Easy Street)
11-No More Dancing (John Hiatt - (No More) Dancin' In The Street)
12-Knocking On Heavens Door (Bob Dylan - Knocking On Heaven's Door)
13-All The Girls Are Crazy (Paul Kossoff - All The Girls Are Crazy)
14-I Love You
15-If Love Is Dead
16-Never Be Clever
17-Stick & Stones
18-Bad Blood
19-Hold Back The Night (Sciuto & Egorin - Hold Back (The Night))
20-Beat Me
21-Checkin' Out
22-Saturday Night
23-Keep Playing That Rock And Roll (Edgar Winter - Keep Playin' That Rock & Roll)
24-Beggars Day (Crazy Horse - Beggars Day)
25-Dope Sucks
29-Little Troublemaker (reprise)
30-Too Much Grace
31-Rock And Roll Junkie (band introduction)
33-I Love You Like I Love Myself (Phoney & The Hardcore - Maggie)
35-Tear Your Playhouse Down (Ann Peebles - I'm Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down)
36-Tutti Frutti (Little Richard - Tutti Frutti)
37-Easy Street (reprise)
38-Running Out Of Lies
39-In The Heat Of The Night (reprise)
40-Checkin' Out (reprise)
41-If Love Is Dead (reprise)

Herman Brood - Piano / Vocals
David Hollestelle jr. - Guitar
Wally Langdon - Bass
Roger Angelo - Drums
Bombita's: Robbie & Ella


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