Hermeto Pascoal & Grupo
w/ special guest Kenny Werner
Savassi Jazz Fest
Belo Horizonte, MG

Lineage: Oade Bros. binaural stereo hi-res micro-mics > Zoom H4n (WAV 24 bit 96 kHz) > Audacity > Track, Split, normalize, intro and applause > export as FLAC 96/24 > TLH > WAV > Cool Edit > Downsampling, dithering > WAV 16 bit 44,100 Hz > TLH > Encode to FLAC 8 and align SBEs > FLAC CD-Ready (record it without gap between tracks)

Hermeto Pascoal: Keyboards, melodica, kettle, piano, composer except* and **
Itiber� Zwarg: Bass, voice, bottles
M�rcio Bahia: Drums, percussion, bottles
Vinicius Dorin: Winds
Andr� Marques: Piano, bottles
Aline Morena: Voice, 10-string guitar (viola), percussion, bottles
F�bio Pascoal: Percussions, bottles

Kenny Wener: piano*

04-Viajando pelo Brasil
05-Kettle solo
07-Keyboard and whistle solo
08-Viva o Rio de Janeiro
09-"Vamos aqui, � o seguinte..."[Hermeto invites Kenny Werner]
10-Autumn Leaves* (Kosma/Prev�rt) - [Featuring Kenny Werner on piano]
11-Tamancos e pil�es
12-Aline & Hermeto duo
13-Thanks aura [Hermeto's aura sound of a special thanks]
15-F�bio Pascoal solo
16-Oh, Minas Gerais** [arranged for 30 bottles by Hermeto]