Jimmy Herring - guitar
Jeff Sipe - drums
Bernie Worrell - organ

Wetlands, New York, NY March 28, 1999

fusion jam!

from DAT master
AKG391>Aerco preamp>DAT>ZA-2>Soundforge>CDR>EAC>Flac6

No setlist, all improvised. This is the complete set. I don't know who the bass player was... he held down a nice groove but didn't take any solos. Actually, after about 30 minutes, he left and somebody else stepped in (don't know who that was, either). This was an all-star evening of music at Wetlands, which also featured an ARU reunion, with Col. Bruce, Jimmy, Sipe, and Oteil! I've shared this quite a bit with people and everyone loves it. Jimmy burns. I think the sound quality is incredible, check the mp3 sample.
I divided this into 7 tracks, although most of them just segue one into the next, as the set was pretty much played straight though without stopping. This is my first upload here at The Trader's Den, need to raise my share ratio. Enjoy,