The Higher State
Summer of Love party
Kent UK

15th JUly 2011

Soundboard > Toshiba External Sound Card > Dell Laptop > Audacity > CDWav for slpitting > TLH

1. Automatic Motion
2. Darker by the Day
3. From Round Here
4. (wandering thru) Fields of green
5. I'll always be around
6. If at all
7. It's not up to you
8. You I'll be Following
9. There's always time
10. Nothing you can say
11. Know that you know
12. You are what they want
13. And in time
14. You had it coming
15. Smell of Incense
16. Announcement/Tuning
17. Song of the Autumn
18. Automatic Motion

Apologies if there are any set list errors

The beginning is missing - I know I had a problem with the video but not sure why the audio started late unless I was distracted by the video issue!

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A deadheaduk recording for Shed on the Web Productions