Hill Country Revue
Levitt Shell
Memphis, TN

Source: Schoeps CCM-4L>Lunatec V3>Tascam HD-P2
Transfer: HD-P2>Audacity>CDWave>Trader's Little Helper

01. Alice Mae
02. Hill Country Revue >
03. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love
04. You Can Make It
05. Let Me Love You Baby
06. Ramblin'
07. Georgia Women
08. Home Too Long
09. Dirty Shirt
10. Hey Bo Diddley > Not Fade Away
11. Growin Up In Mississippi
12. Psychedelic Sex Machine

Whole show with Gary Burnside on guitar.

Thanks again to Vanark for the setlist help.

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19c262e295a65da0f75f3976a9f38ce6 *HCR8-29-0904.flac
2a1cc0903c0cdb440eae3935296e7431 *HCR8-29-0905.flac
119804a9fece3bad3c024ff61dfcb5b9 *HCR8-29-0906.flac
b26344360ef4961a8ba16d6a629e6512 *HCR8-29-0907.flac
7b70455f8c15e1ec16756552f2a97844 *HCR8-29-0908.flac
123cb13d63e157b4ad75fd2cfcdc5e87 *HCR8-29-0909.flac
92d6be5dc8049d6671bf4411df2378d5 *HCR8-29-0910.flac
0e989d8492f7ca065694a03d79a174db *HCR8-29-0911.flac
cb942b2e1007093a667b403fa1af045d *HCR8-29-0912.flac