The Hillbenders
Columbia Mo

t01 3:29.35
t02 3:41.64
t03 6:17.66
t04 6:03.61
t05 4:35.00
t06 2:47.71
t07 4:22.30
t08 5:01.59
t09 3:51.52
t10 7:10.12
t11 4:37.43
t12 5:28.28
t13 6:40.57
t14 5:01.58
t15 4:46.24
t16 5:06.51
tot 79:03.36

Mark Cassidy - Banjo
Gary Rea - Bass
Jim Rea - Guitar
Nolan Lawrence - Mandolin
Chad "Gravy Boat" Graves - Dobro

Zoom H4(levelswitch=l,lowcut=2, 44.1Khz@24b) clipped to micstand sbd corner of bar
goldwav unlowwcut, compression, Vol adjustment, tracking, split to 16bit
Traders Little helper(ffp,md5,flacs-level=6)
razorlame -b 80 -m j -V 4 -B 320 for mp3s

Thanks go out to them for letting me record and share.
Please dont forget to go to their gigs, and check out their merch

Share, never sell, and as Ribblefribbitz says: "Please do not convert to Edison tin cylinders or 78rpm wax discs."