Hiss Golden Messenger (solo) 2/5/19
The Velvet Elk Lounge - Boulder, CO
A benefit for Conscious Alliance & The Marigold Project.

Source: Post-show matrix. Audix M1290c (slightly LOC, 20' from stage) > Zoom F8 + SBD > Zoom F8

Recorded & Transferred by Brad Burleson.

01. Introduction
02. ?
03. I Need A Teacher
04. Jenny of the Roses
05. I'm A Raven (Shake Children)
06. Lost Out in the Darkness
07. Everybody Needs Somebody
08. Happy Day (Sister My Sister)
09. Jaw
10. Balthazar's Song
11. Highland Grace
12. O Little Light
13. Biloxi
14. Heart Like A Levee
15. Mahogany Dread
16. Southern Grammar
17. Drum*

*Unplugged in the middle of the audience.

Support the important work of Conscious Alliance & The Marigold Project! And support artists who allow taping too!