Hola!: Russo/Bortnick/Metzger/Hess 08/31/2016 Threes Brewing, Brooklyn, NY

Source: Schoeps cmc621xt (On Stage DFC, Wide ORTF) -> Sonosax SX-M2 -> Sound Devices 788T -> WAV (@24/96);
Transfer: WAVs -> SoundForge Pro 11.0 (EQ, normalize, fades, 96->44.1 iZotope 64-Bit SRC; 24->16 bit iZotope MBIT+ Dither) -> CDWav -> FLAC

Recorded, edited, and mastered by Eric McRoberts 09/01-08/2016

Note: None of the instruments were mic'd or coming through the PA. I alo ran a pair of Schoeps mk22's on stage split 12' in front of the amplifiers but didn't think they added much to the mix so excluded them from this release.

Set One:
01. Stoked
02. Fast Afro
03. Come Dancing
04. Boogie Stupid
05. Meter Made

Set Two:
01. Scorpio
02. Vespa Rider
03. Rolling Pin
04. s2t04
05. High and Dry
06. In The Thick
07. Post Disco

Avi Bortnick - Guitar
Scott Metzger - Guitar
Andy Hess - Bass
Joe Russo - Drums

This show was billed as Freakn, a private event for members of the NYC Freaks thrown by fellow Freak Aaron Stein. Proceeds resulting from the event were donated to the Baton Rouge Area Foundation Flood Relief Fund (http://www.braf.org/louisiana-flood-relief).

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