Holly Bowling
Bluebird Theater
Denver, CO

Source: AT4031 (directly in front of sbd, DIN, about 4' high) > Zoom F8 (24/48 wav)

Transfer: Audacity (envelope tool, amplify, track splits, fades, conversion to flac); mp3tag (file tagging)

Recorded by Lucas Lorenz

Notes: I had to be a bit aggressive with the envelope tool in Audacity at times because the audience was so much louder than the music. If it sounds a bit unnatural during applause breaks, trust me that it's better than getting your ears blown out. Photo courtesy of Matthew Meehan.

Support the artist: http://www.hollybowling.com/

Set 1
1. China Cat Sunflower >
2. Divided Sky *
3. It's Ice
4. Althea >
5. Cassidy
6. Taste

Set 2
7. Scents & Subtle Sounds >
8. Terrapin Station Suite >
9. Days Between >
10. Terrapin Station Suite >
11. Dirt >
12. I Know You Rider

13. Slave to the Traffic Light

* with China Cat tease

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