Hollywood Fats
Belly Up Tavern
Solano Beach,California
August 1980
vinyl transfer

I think I got this one in a trade with either Argentina or a guy at work. So lineage is cd-r>EAC>Traders Little Helper md5 and ftp>TLH for torrent>you. At first I thought this was a tape of a copy of the mixing board a few gens down but there are the tell tale signs of vinyl here so I grabbed my Hot Wacks (still the first thing I go to and the web is second) and nothing...and nuttin' on the web neither. Found some various cds here and there but no vinyl..So quality is is an 8..there is hiss through out but the playing is worth it..Found a some tracks from the Belly Up on Delta Groove but not the ones on this set...

So if you don't know the story of Fats.....it's interesting to say the least...

1.Boogie at Midnight 6.50
2.Love for Sale 8.04
3.Boogie Woogie Blues 6.41
4.Highway is my Home/ I don't Understand 10.27
5.Letter From Home 6.22
6.Boogie at Midnight 3.26
7.Losing Hand 8.03
8.Good Rockin' Tonight 6.44
9.Band Presantation Blues/ Lets Have a Good Time 3.55
10.Fast Talk.46
11.Chicken Shack Boogie 4.44
12.Poor Boy 8.50

Hollywood Fats :guitar and vocal
Fred Kaplan: Piano
Larry Taylor(Canned Heat):bass
Richard Innes:drums
Al Blake: harmonica
Roy Brown: vocal..