Holy Modal Rounders
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde's
Portland OR (probably)
Radio Broadcast

Steve Weber - guitar and vocals
Ted Deane - sax, clarient, flute etc
Robin Remaily - guitar, mandolin, violin
Dave Reisch - bass
Roger North - drums
Richard Tyler - keyboards
Billy Hulse (?) washboard

Tape (2nd generation at least) - Adobe Audition - FLAC frontend

1. City Women
2. Hop High Ladies
3. Nova
4. Radio Ad and Indent
5. Credits
7. Smokey Joe's Cafe
8. Euphoria
9. Snappin' Pussy (cuts)

This tape came to me in a trade many moons ago, with no details of what it is. I'm an amateur when it comes to the history
of the HMR, this is clearly a radio broadcast and within the commercial there is mention of '242 Northwest 2nd' and Old Town - a quick
search in Google Maps reveals there to be a location answering that description in Portland OR, and I know enough about
the Rounders to say they played Portland many, many times in the Rounders/Clamtones days. The name of the venue is mentioned
in the radio station indent.

Got most of the titles from Weber's intros, and this line up of the Rounders plus Stampfel made The Last Round (in New York State)
in 1978, with the song 'Snappin' Pussy' being recorded at the same time too, so another educated guess would time this to
around that year I suppose.

My copy is obviously 2nd gen, possibly more, it's a decent enough recording but it could be higher gen than that. Any help and
corrections with any of the above gratefully received. I've searched as much as I can and am as sure as I can be that this has
never had an official release. It's also obviously incomplete, the last track cuts off halfway through.

Oh, and 'Billy Hulse' is taken from the band intros, might not be the correct surname, he was sitting in if you follow what is said.

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