The Ninth of a 13 disc set documenting 4 nights of
Holy Modal Rounders/Clamtones shows in December of 1977.

Disk D, Mountain Charlies 1977-12-16
Holy Modal Rounders


I did the masters for these 4 shows (1 night at Shady Grove and then
3 nights in Los Gatos at Mountain Charley's). The masters are 1 channel
soundboard and 1 channel audience recorded with Dolby B on a
Tandberg 9241 XD reel recorder at 3.75 ips speed. At the time I did
not own a portable cassette deck, so I arrived early at the first show,
brought my reel recorder along, asked permission to run a tape, and
was pleasantly suprised when they said that it was OK as long as I
sent them a copy later.

I transferred the masters to CD's around 1998 or 1999 [master reels
played back on Tandberg 9241XD to Macintosh and then time-aligned and
remixed with Pro Tools]