Home Service - The Treetops, Epping, England 1984-06-29, another brand new transfer from master cassette

SONY WD6 Professional Walkman/Sony ECM 909 MIC/Sony Metal90 cassette/Played from JVC TD-W718 to Adobe Audition CC>Slight hiss reduction>tracks split>fades>wavs saved as FLAC

SBE fix / FLAC fingerprint file in Traders Little helper

This is Home Service showcasing their long awaited eponymously titled album in an upstairs room of what is now, as far as I can tell, a Residential Care Home for the elderly! It was not a big room either. We have some fine songs from Bill Caddick as well as from John Tams who seems to make references to famous cricketers of the time, so I guess that a test match was in progress. This was only a short time before the band took up residency at the Cottesloe Theatre and in 1985 at the Lyceum for the Mysteries - more on that anon! This gig was noteable for Howard Evans' trumpet falling apart during the tune played into One More Day, which he managed to fix before the end of the song.
The first track fades in, quite what happened to the first few seconds I don't remember. Possibly the mic was plugged into the headphone socket or similar and it never recorded!

Brand new transfer from cassette done 2014-11-09

Set list

01 Walk My Way
02 The Barmaid Song, or She Moves Among Men
03 Don't Let 'm Grind you Down
04 Battle Pavanne/Peat Bog Soldiers
05 Never be a Cowboy Now
06 The Old Man's Song
07 What's name/Dunno/Thatcher
08 Tune?/One More Day - Trumpet fails!
09 Rainbow Waistcoat
10 Gresford Disaster/Babylon is Fallen
11 Doin the Best I can

John Tams Vocals/melodeon
Graeme Taylor lead guitar/cocals
Bill Caddick guitar/vocal
Jonathan Davie bass
Howard Evans trumpet/flugelhorn
Roger Williams trombone
Michael Gregory drums