Horace Silver Quintet - Kampen, Netherlands 1979-03-08 FM Re-seed (Includes 3 Samples)

Here's a nice set from Hoarace Silver recorded in 1979. Horace was on tour for his "Silver 'N Percussion" album, and as is the case in many of his live sets the performance is much better than the studio equivlent. Taken from an FM Broadcast, the sound is great throughout. Many thanks to FredHeadSet for this great capture, and as always Your Comments are Appreciated!

Horace Silver Quintet
Stadsgehoorzaal, Kampen,
The Netherlands,
March 8. 1979

Horace Silver - Piano
Larry Schneider - Tenor Saxophone
John McNeil - Trumpet, Fluegelhorn
Todd Coolman - Bass
Harold White - Drums

01) Introduction (:51)
02) Sun God Of The Messiah (5:15)
03) The Aztec Sun God (15:22)
04) The Mohican And the Great Spirit (17:23)
05) Togetherness (8:56)
06) Band Intros (1:51)
07) Nica's Dream -> fade out (7:15)

Total Time: 57:00

Original FredHeadSet Notes:
Lineage : FM > Cassette > Audacity > CD Wave Editor > FLAC 8

Broadcasted live for TROS radio for the program "Sesjun"
Another one from the box of old tapes

Jazamo lineage Aug 17, 2013:
Original Flac > 2013 Changes > check sector boundries > check decodability > traders little helper

Jazamo 2013 Change Notes:
Added fade out to track-7 since original was incomplete. Track-6 seemed to be in the wrong place (was track-2), changed to where it should be in the set order. This live set is so much better than the "Silver 'N Percussion (tracks 2-4)" album which I felt was marred by vocals. Great sounding show, Larry Schneider smokes troughout. Thanks again to FredHeadSet for this great capture!

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