Horslips 10-25-77
Boston Jazz Workshop

Yet another Horslips show bolts from the barn and it's a hoolie for sure. You just can't keep a good band down or a good seeder for that matter :)
Finding live Horslips these days is like finding that pot "o" gold at the end of the rainbow. Well you can start believing in Leprechauns' my friends.
I caught one and tricked him out of a bunch "o" his live Horslips gigs and I ain't fiddling around till you get em all. Give a shout if you want more.
Sorry, cassette tape generation is unknown but I think in good enough quality to share. Enjoy! Dearg Doom

Lineage: cassette/PC/wav/Cool Edit 2000/EAC/cd-r/flac

Band Line up:

Charles O'Connor: Fiddle,mandolin,concertina,vocals
Jim Lockhart: Keyboards,flute,whistles
Barry Devlin: Bass,vocals
Johnny Fean: Guitar Vocals
Eamon Carr Drums,percussion

Track List:
1. NY Wakes
2. The Wrath Of The Rain
3. Mad Pat
4. Blind Man
5. Daybreak
6. Drive The Cold Winter Away
7. Ride To Hell
8. Sideways To The Sun
9. Intro (Sword Of Light)... (Note: little bits of distortion on this track are from the master)
10. Sword Of Light
11. Daybreak (Reprise)
12. Warm Sweet Breath Of Love
13. The Power & The Glory
14. The Rocks Remain
15. Trouble With A Capital T
16. King Of the Fairies
17. Dearg Doom (The Red Doom)
18. Bim Istigh Ag`ol

** Tracks 5-12 comprise the The Book Of Invasions Suite (1st. Movement)**

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