Hot Rize / Red Knuckles & The Trailblazers
September 19, 1987
Walnut Valley Bluegrass Festival
Winfield, Kansas

Source: NAK-CM-100's w/ CP-4 Shotgun Capsules > Sony WM-D6C (dolby C) > Maxell XLII-S90
note: seated 10th row in Grande Stand DFC w/ 8' mic stand (approximately 50' from main stage). Stage set up in rodeo grounds.

Transfer: Maxell XLII-S90 master > Onkyo TA-2027 (dolby C) > D-10 (24-bit 96 HZ) > WavePad Sound Editor v 7.05 (fades, tracking
split, and converted to 16/44 wave) > TLH (encoded to flac [level 8] and aligned on SB's [pad]) )
note: no editing of any kind other than fade in and out

Set List:
Hot Rize
01 Blue Night
02 We Can Find A Way
03 Rolling On Rubber Wheels
04 You Don't Have To Move That Mountain
05 Just Like You
06 Nellie Kane
07 Old Joe Clark
08 intro Trail Blazers
Red Knuckles & The Trailblazers
09 Oh, Mona
10 I'm A One Woman Man
11 I Thought I Heard You Calling My Name
12 Red Remembers The 60's In The Western Style
13 Always Late (tape flip during dialiogue between this and next song)
14 ? instrumental (and post Trailblazers dialogue)
Hot Rize
15 ? instrumental
*16 High On A Mountain Top
*17 Shuckin' The Corn
*18 I'm Gonna' Sleep With One Eye Open
*19 Happy Birthday (to Charles)
*20 Pretty As A Hoss
*w/ Sally Van Meter on fiddle (from The Good Ol' Persons)

recording and transfer by dg hale
Not For Sale, Trade Freely, Please don't convert to MP3
Thanks to D. (Deno) Sneed for taking me to the show, turning me on to Hot Rize and dosing me 30 minutes before the show! Thanks to
Mindy for coming along for the ride. What a long strange trip it continues to be. Amazing story from this night after the show by request.

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