Howe Gelb
Grace Emily Hotel .Adelaide.
2005-10-01 .

no set list .
Close centre FOB , quiet audience.
There were about 40 people present, Howe was off mic quite a lot and chat in-between songs was very quiet, theres some hiss increase during these sections. this was a very oddball night with Howe moving from guitar to piano and levels went from very loud to whisper levels. He was mezmerising, even though i'm not a huge fan, it was a very special night.

Sony ECM 150 > Sony D5 analogue deck > mac HD > sound edit 16 > cd> remix Audition 2019.
> flac XACT SBE( LEVEL 8 )
recorded. mastered and transferred by GGB

I found this screed by Howe somewhere online, I remember seeing Howe with the lady having a drink, thought he'd be onto something that night, looks like I was wrong. As he sez, it was a good gig and the Coopers was fine.

From Howes Dairy

A gig is set up here way after the fact of the rest of the tour. Vic from big star record shop did it. Been wanting us to come out this way for ages. Tried to get giant sand and calexico to do it several years ago, but it was just at the end of the end back then.

The gig in Adelaide was at the Grace Emily, which was funny cuz when we pulled up to the venue I was just listening to the new mixes by Kevin salem, his daughter named Emily grace.

This place immediately had a comfort to it. I could have stayed inside it for years. It is one of those places on the short list of places to head to when it all goes south. That bar in Salamanca, spain, was the last one that felt this good.

Greg is the proprietor. Like we all could have known him forever. Coopers pale ale on tap. Organic beer with sludge at the bottom of the glass. Tasted like a good idea.

I walked around town some with adam in the lead. This town had the most similar sensation to Tucson. The angle of light and wide streets and all. very homey. Most folks in Australia make distraught faces when mentioning Adelaide, but it feels way comfortable here for me. I liked it fine.

Vic’s band opened up that night. Quietest rock band I have ever heard, wonderfully self mixed. Then I took the stage. I delivered the goods this night, even though it was the first night with a digital piano. It all worked somehow. The crowd was a dense 40 people strong. I liked it a lot. Just my speed I suppose. Afterwards, a woman sat down next to me. I got her a beer the way I would a friend back home. Some other fellows talked about some old records and rainer. I sure liked greg’s place. Good folks there. Until the delve of sleep knew where to find me and stumbled me home.

Next morning we ambled off. Back to Melbourne for the last show in oz.